The magician displays his visiting card and makes a hole in it by a punching machine. He then takes a string and passes it through the hole. The two ends of the string are then given to a spectator to hold, keeping the visiting card handling in the center. The magician then covers the string and the card by a handkerchief and waves his hands making magical gestures. After a while he reaches beneath the handkerchief, does something special and WOW ! He has released the name card from the centre of the string without breaking or damaging anything !! The handkerchief is removed to find the empty string intact !!!


A length of string say about two feet long. One punching machine. TWO of your name cards. One gents handkerchief or a scarf. You should be wearing a coat or a track suit or a pull-over, something with long sleeves.

Preperation and procedure

Punch a hole in one of the name cards, remember the position where it is been punched and place the card secretly in your right coat sleeve so that it stays out of view and knowledge of the spectators. This is your preliminary preparation and after this you can start your 'magic'.


Bring the other name car out of your purse and then punch a hole (you know where) in front of the spectators. Hand the name card and the length of string to the spectators for examination. When they are satisfied and have declared that everything is normal, thread the string through the hole and ask one of your spectators to hold the string as shown in the figure.

Now show the handkerchief (or the scarf) to be completely empty, spread provide a cover necessary to conceal your hands beneath it. Under this cover, grasp the name card near the hole, by both of your hands, carefully tear through the card to the hole, remove it from the string and then with the fingers of your right hand secretly insert the card into your left coat sleeve. After this bring out the other card, using the fingers of your left hand from under your right sleeve. The whole thing is to be done neatly, under the cover of the handkerchief, away from the vision of the spectators. Then bring out this card holding by both of your hands and place on the table dramatically. Remove the handkerchief away from the empty stretched string and let the baffled spectators examine all those props.

card escape

Chapter 3